IMCTL 设计技巧

参考 kubectl 以及 client-goopen in new window 的实现,实际上,复杂的 OpenIM Core 和 Client-GO 的架构比较相近,所以设计中,最重要的是结合 core sdk



I was reviewing the link relationship between the app and OpenIMopen in new window section in the README, and I believe the architecture diagram can be optimized for better clarity and presentation.


  1. Resolution Enhancement: Consider increasing the resolution of the image, making sure that the text and elements are clearly visible even on high-DPI displays.
  2. Use of Colors: Using varied colors can help differentiate between different components of the architecture.
  3. Annotations: Consider adding more annotations or legends to explain the specific components, especially if there are icons or symbols that might not be immediately recognizable.
  4. Export Formats: If possible, provide the architecture diagram in vector format like SVG, which scales better on different devices and screens.
  5. Interactive Versions: For an enhanced user experience, consider creating an interactive version of the diagram, where users can hover over components to get more details.