110: OpenIM man Module README

Welcome to the man module of OpenIM, the comprehensive guide for using OpenIM's range of powerful commands. Here, you'll find in-depth details for each command, its options, and examples to help you harness the full power of the OpenIM suite.


OpenIM is a robust instant messaging solution. To ensure users can effectively harness its capabilities, OpenIM provides a suite of commands that serve different functionalities, from the API level to RPC calls and utilities.

The man module ensures that users, both new and experienced, have a reliable source of information and documentation to use these commands effectively.

Available Commands

The OpenIM commands are divided into core services and tools. Below is a brief overview of each:

Core Services

  • openim-api: Interface to the main functionalities of OpenIM.
  • openim-cmdutils: Utilities for executing common tasks.
  • openim-crontask: Schedule and manage routine tasks within OpenIM.
  • openim-msggateway: Gateway for managing messages within the OpenIM system.
  • openim-msgtransfer: Handle message transfers across different parts of OpenIM.
  • openim-push: Service for pushing notifications and updates.
  • openim-rpc-auth: RPC interface for authentication tasks.
  • openim-rpc-conversation: RPC service for handling conversations.
  • openim-rpc-friend: Manage friend lists and related functionalities through RPC.
  • openim-rpc-group: Group management via RPC.
  • openim-rpc-msg: Message handling at the RPC level.
  • openim-rpc-third: Third-party integrations and related tasks through RPC.
  • openim-rpc-user: User management and tasks via RPC.


  • changelog: Track and manage changes in OpenIM.
  • component: Utilities related to different components within OpenIM.
  • infra: Infrastructure and backend management tools.
  • ncpu: Monitor and manage CPU usage and related tasks.
  • yamlfmt: A tool for formatting and linting YAML files within the OpenIM configuration.

How to Use

To view the manual page for any of the OpenIM commands, use the man command followed by the command name. For example:

man openim-api


We welcome contributions to enhance the man pages. If you discover inconsistencies, errors, or areas where further details are required, feel free to raise an issue or submit a pull request.