112: Enhance the Service Health Check Mechanism


In our current mechanism to check the health status of various services (MySQL, MongoDB, Minio, etc.), there's a possibility to enhance its maintainability and flexibility:

Current Behavior:

  1. The configuration file's path is hardcoded.
  2. Each service's health check status is verified with individual code blocks, leading to redundancy.
  3. Error handling can be streamlined for better clarity.

Proposed Changes:

  1. Implement command-line flags to allow users to specify the configuration file's path.
  2. Utilize a unified function array structure to iterate through all checks, thus reducing redundancy.
  3. Refactor error handling to make the code clearer and more concise.

OpenIM PR Bug About Actions


This PR aims to fix the current actions in OpenIM that are not passing. The problematic actions identified include go lint, opeim start, and make install.


  1. Go Lint: Adjusted [specific files or changes you made to pass the linting process].
  2. Opeim Start: Resolved the issue by [specific fixes related to the start process, maybe configuration changes or other adjustments].
  3. Make Install: Fixed the installation process by [details of the changes you made, perhaps regarding dependencies or paths].


  • Ran go lint and ensured all files now pass without warnings or errors.
  • Executed opeim start to confirm the start process initializes without hitches.
  • Performed make install to validate that the installation completes successfully.