105: OpenIM Automated Release and multi arch


In order to address the evolving needs of our user base and streamline our development and deployment processes, it's imperative that we implement an automated release and multi-architecture compilation strategy for the Core Repository. This enhancement will not only reduce manual intervention but also ensure compatibility across diverse hardware architectures.


  1. Automated Release

    : Automate the process of packaging and releasing new versions of the software in the Core Repository. This should include:

    • Version bumping.
    • Change-log generation.
    • Notification to stakeholders.
  2. Multi-Architecture Compilation:

    • Ensure that our software is compilable and runs efficiently on multiple hardware architectures.
    • Implement CI/CD checks for common architectures like x86_64, ARM64, etc.
    • Provide documentation for supported architectures and potential pitfalls or optimizations for each.


  1. Evaluate and select appropriate CI/CD tools that support multi-architecture builds (e.g., Jenkins, GitHub Actions, Travis CI).
  2. Implement automated versioning and release workflows.
  3. Add compilation steps for different architectures in the CI/CD pipeline.
  4. Test builds on actual hardware or emulated environments to ensure proper functionality.
  5. Document the new workflows and provide guidelines for contributors and maintainers.

Additional Information:

  • Any pre-existing tools or scripts that could aid in this transition should be mentioned.
  • We might need to consider potential licensing or costs associated with some CI/CD tools.

Call to Action: Looking for feedback from the team regarding potential tools to use and any challenges foreseen in implementing this strategy. Contributions, suggestions, and best practices are welcome!