118: OpenIM Web Service

OpenIM Web Service is a lightweight containerized service built with Go. The service serves static files and allows customization via environment variables.


  • Built using Go.
  • Deployed as a Docker container.
  • Serves static files from a directory which can be set via an environment variable.
  • The default port for the service is 20001, but it can be customized using an environment variable.

Docker Deployment

Build the Docker Image

Even though we've implemented automation, it's to make the developer experience easier:

To build the Docker image for OpenIM Web Service:

docker build -t openim-web .

Run the Docker Container

To run the service:

docker run -e DIST_PATH=/app/dist -e PORT=20001 -p 20001:20001 openim-web


You can configure the OpenIM Web Service using the following environment variables:

  • DIST_PATH: The path to the directory containing the static files. Default: /app/dist.
  • PORT: The port on which the service listens. Default: 20001.


We welcome contributions from the community. If you find any bugs or have feature suggestions, please create an issue or send a pull request.